About MGA Memberships

Membership dues are $1200 annually. We encourage members to pay a year upfront, with $100 monthly payments optional. We’ll ask for additional funds when negatively impactful issues to Maine’s growers arise in the OMP and warrant additional lobbying efforts. This is not required. There will be specific agendas and action items for transparency.

  1. Minimize Corporate Cannabis
  2. Majority Maine Owned
  3. Support Each Other
  4. Community Outreach
  5. Member Referral

Agendas will be developed by the Alliance board and committee. Every member will be presented with the agenda for a yay or nay. The agenda will be available at the meetings, both on site and virtual, as well as through the website and email. You will need to vote before the deadline.

The Alliance will ask for volunteers whenever there are fundraisers, community outreach or open board and committee positions. We are a democratic organization and majority rules. Membership to the Maine Growers Alliance will include:

  • Access to all meetings and agendas
  • Participation in networking, business growth opportunities and shared knowledge base
  • Use of the MGA logo
  • Access to our wholesale marketplace



How to Become a Member

Joining forces is easy. Annual dues are $1,200. Fill out the form below, or email The following onboarding process will begin:

  1. Payment will be collected by our Membership Coordinator
  2. You will be added to our email list for updates and group schedules including:
  • Current lobbying agenda (majority of where dues are allocated)
  • Meeting schedule. Meetings take place at The Green Approach in Westbrook
  • Fundraising and community outreach efforts as a group
  • Access to our Growers Marketplace where you can post products for sale & purchasing. This is a work in progress that will grow over time.
  • Ongoing networking with the group


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