maine growers alliance craft cannabis

What does Craft Cannabis mean to you? That’s the overarching theme of the web video just released by the MGA. Maine’s Craft Cannabis scene is thriving with Alliance members leading the pack. Watch the video for a glimpse of what Maine cannabis companies have to offer.

(Portland, Maine, November 20th 2020) – The Maine Growers Alliance is composed of cannabis cultivators sharing the same industry values. Craft Cannabis can be subjective, the goal of the video is to help show the rest of the country what drives Maine cannabis companies. Quality inputs, adaptability, timeliness and attention to detail is the name of the game for these cultivators. This short video makes it clear the intentions of Maine growers, to be some of the best Craft Cannabis cultivators in the country. 

The Maine Growers Alliance was formed to ensure the security of the small to medium sized craft cannabis cultivator. A group of like minded craft cannabis industry professionals with the primary purpose of educating & advocating for continued participation in Maine’s medical and recreational markets. In order to bring patients and consumers the quality and affordable products, they must support each other in maintaining Maine’s high standards in cannabis cultivation. The more market share small farmers  possess, the less larger interests can own.