maine growers alliance

Welcome to Maine Growers Alliance – A Non-Profit Organization

Primarily a group of like minded craft cannabis industry professionals with the primary purpose of educating & advocating for continued participation in Maine’s medical and recreational markets. Secondly, we support each other to ensure our collective success in maintaining Maine’s high standards in cannabis cultivation. The group will use our combined resources to help maintain or improve Maine’s craft cannabis industry.

Money will be raised for funding partnerships with lobbying associations to both endorse their agendas, if in our associations best interest, and pursue the Growers Alliance agenda. The group will have majority rule in all decisions. There is no Craft Cannabis Market without us.

Shared Business Resources

As a group we can share in any and all resources we possess as individuals. As we add members, they will undoubtedly need help in the following areas.

  • Legal
  • Accounting/Financial
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing Power
  • Logistics
  • Cultivation Practices
  • What we are hearing in the industry

Giving Back

Current Agenda

Listed by date are the agendas the Alliance is currently pursuing in Augusta. These are a baseline and may change according to Alliance meetings/member feedback and reacting to OMP committee decisions.